The Indomitable Ten

I'm excited to announce a new story set in the Anthem's Fall universe! About a year ago I was contacted by the acquisitions editors of Curiosity Quills Press to pen a novella set in the world of Anthem. The novella, An Incident On Orion, is now available for purchase as one part of a (huge) anthology from many talented, bestselling writers called The Indomitable Ten.

An Incident on Orion is an origin story of sorts for one of the main characters from Anthem's Fall, and I know you'll like it. The Indomitable Ten can be purchased on Amazon here. The novel is so colossal that it currently can only be purchased in Kindle format.

Book two, Eve of the Gods, is almost complete! As much as I have lost my patience with George R.R. Martin's snail-like writing pace, so too must you be losing your patience with me. But don't worry, Eve of the Gods is coming soon. Anthem's Fall just broke 300,000 reads on Wattpad, and those kind of numbers keep me focused on the sequel's release date (hope for summer)!