A step outside superhero fiction

Today the cover came together for my upcoming short story, Cinder House.

I have to admit, it's been quite liberating to step outside the Anthem's Fall universe and write something totally unrelated. I can't imagine how trapped writers feel by the time they're on book five or six. Cinder House has been a fun side project, and I'll likely throw it up on Amazon at some point over the next few months. Free or damn near to it. It's a horror short that takes place on the coast of Maine. Dare I say it's the first of an anthology?

My goal was to write it in the same vein as a 19th century ghost story, though I may end up going through and modernizing the prose before I hit the publish button. There are some self-evident Vonnegut references along with a good dose of simple spookiness. More details to come!

Cinder House S.L. Dunn