Marko Manev

When I searched for a cover illustrator for Anthem's Fall, I stumbled upon a ton of super talented artists. In particular I was floored by the work of Marko Manev. He does a lot of minimalist interpretations of pop culture icons, and in that field I think he's in a league of his own. I still often find myself going back to his website and flipping through his portfolio. I never get tired of his work.

I'll admit I still have my fingers crossed that one day our paths will align and he can bring to life a character from Anthem's Fall. Oh man what I would give to see his take on certain scenes! Here are some of my favorite pictures from his portfolio. I have a print of one of these framed above my desk. Can you guess which?

His website is if you want to see more of his epic work. Lots of other cool works.

Click on the image below to see more.

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