Cover Evolution Pt. 1

In the spirit of kicking things off, I want to show how the cover illustration of Anthem’s Fall evolved through time. The final cover (as seen in the "books" section) took a lot of planning and consideration. Breathing life into my story with words was a challenge, but creating a singular image that could encapsulate all of those words seemed practically impossible. It wasn’t a 1-2-3 step process to create the cover for Anthem’s Fall, and over the next week or so I will release the different iterations and drafts in daily installments.

In the end, I'll write a post that explains what my logic was for each progression, and what my goals were throughout the process.

These first two “eye” images were the work of Matt Sheridan, one of my beta-readers. For a very long time, these were some of the only tangible visuals that were attached to my growing manuscript. They were a game changer when I first saw them—at long last there was something to look at! I still think they’re beyond epic.

Anthem's Fall S.L. Dunn