Cover Evolution Pt. 6

Once the illustration was completed, it was time to turn it into an actual cover. Because Anthem’s Fall is the first book of a series, the font I chose was important. It would be represented on future covers as well, so it wasn’t just about choosing a font for Anthem’s Fall, but for the whole series.

I started looking for fonts on websites like Dafonts and others of the like, but nothing caught my eye. Every font felt either too simple or too impractical. Since I already had such a quixotic illustration, I wanted to ground the cover with a straight lined, simple font.

Eventually I stumbled upon Leonardo Gubbioni’s BUILDING typeface, and I knew at once I had found the winner. After reaching out, he allowed me commercial permissions for free—very generous. This step was also completed with the help of Laura Duffy, and without her I would have been utterly lost. Here are some examples of the iterations leading up to the final.


Also some updates on the Anthem’s Fall warpath:

Excerpts read (Wattpad, Scribd, my website, some others): 785

ARCs distributed to reviewers: 62

Goodreads: 326 requesting giveaways, added by 190 as “to-read”, 10 reviews (4.4*)

Farthest geographical reach: New Zealand! (that one might be tough to beat)


Not bad for a book that’s two months away from publication! June is going to see a lot more giveaways, so stay apprised!