Anthem's Fall Sequel!

Big news in the Anthem universe!

I’ve officially titled the second book in the series Eve of the Gods.
When you sign up for my newsletter, I'll send along the first chapter! If for some reason you don't get it, just email me. I’m currently writing the second half of the novel, and hope to release it later this winter. Eve of the Gods will start right where Anthem’s Fall left off, and will bring you back to familiar characters as well as introduce some new ones.

Some questions you might have...

Book two release date? Not set yet. Hopefully later this winter or early spring latest.

Are we going to see Felixes? Y

Are there Sejero fight scenes? Y

Is Kristen a POV character? Y

Are there any new POV characters? Y

More stuff about Anthem? Y

More stuff in NYC? Y

More ethical dilemmas? Y

More potentially overwrought apocalyptic prose? Y

Will all the book titles in the series be plays on words? Y

Movie rights? Hah! I wish!

I've contracted an artist for the Eve of the Gods cover illustration. You can see some of Rhys Griffiths’ past work at

Also, reader Tom Ruhland has graciously created an Anthem series fan page at Thanks Tom!