Anthem’s Fall. My first novel. It was a passing idea, a new inspiration, and one that was altogether mine. This glimpse of an idea would flip my life upside down and utterly derail any career ambition that lingered behind my mundane resume and lukewarm job interview performance. The idea came to me during an autumn morning after my graduation from college. I was driving south on Route 89 in Vermont and BAM, the veiled forms of three characters presented themselves to me all at once: the genius, the dreamer, and the leader—and between them all a technology of inconceivable power. The story fell into place immediately, like a vision of a statue's final form while the big block of marble remains untouched.

From that moment forward I simply could not get these characters out of my head. They wouldn't leave me alone! I’d be thinking about Sejero genetics as a superior explained something to me, or envisioning Gravitas Nerol as I almost rear-ended someone on the commute to work. This simple idea, this passing notion, this story, consumed me. And so one hung-over Saturday morning I started writing. And writing. And writing. And editing. And rewriting. Five years and about a half million words of rewrites later, I’ve wandered from lackluster jobs to hollow internships, all the while pouring every drop of myself into Anthem’s Fall.

Born in 1986, I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2009 with a degree in anthropology and biology. The details of my early tutelage are irrelevant to this brief snapshot of my life, as the inspiration that set my writing life into motion occurred only after I was beyond the walls of classrooms.

I have always harbored a latent desire to write, or more specifically to create. Works of great creators, regardless of their medium, have always evoked an unrivaled passion in me. The first hint of that inspiration came when I was three, and wore a clandestine Superman tee shirt under my regular clothing everyday for the better part of two years. I’ve always looked up to authors with a certain degree of reverence. In this often prosaic world we live in, these few people, these mysterious and intrepid storytellers, work in the realm of awe, joy, sorrow and wonder. Raw emotion is the medium of the storyteller, and that notion has inspired me for as long as I can remember. The best writers can lift someone from the boredom or the unfairness of their life, and provide a refuge where peace or meaning can be sought.

Buried somewhere so far down within myself that it took more than two decades to uncover, I’ve always wanted to add my own humble signature to the pantheon of human imagination. It’s hard for me to define triumph or failure in this pursuit of “authorship”, but I know that I can look back at my mid twenties and rest easy with the knowledge that I tried my hand.

I moved to Seattle this past summer with my girlfriend Liz and our dogs Lucy and Emma. When I’m not writing, I enjoy the outdoors, reading, motorcycling (Sportster 1200), thinking about a life at sea, home improvement projects, comparing the Pacific Northwest to various fictional places, staring blankly at Mt. Rainier, or debating what to write next—though at the moment it is strictly the sequel to Anthem’s Fall.

Also, the real name behind the "S.L." nonsense is Sean.